Travel with Impact

We believe in the power of travel. Communities. New experiences. Cultures, people, places uniting. We are driven by sustainable, responsible travel. By choices in travel that reflect kindness, generosity and compassion. 

More than ever, it's important for us to carry a message of hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope that we'll soon be able to be with those we love, and experience the things we love. When you're buying Hotel Credits, you're also giving support to local communities around the world.  

Throughout April and May 2020, Porter & Sail worked alongside New York Presbyterian's Healthcare Heroes program to deliver over 50 hotel credits for healthcare workers for when this is over. No one deserves to revel in the healing power of travel more than the nurses, technicians, physicians and staff that healed our city. 

Supporting local communities affected by Covid-19

Today, Porter & Sail is proud to support the amazing work of Sumba Foundation and Nihi Sumba to help those in their communities in Sumba, Indonesia who are most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The Sumba Crisis Relief Fund was created to support the Sumbanese people and help ease the economic impacts from the disruption in tourism and failed crops due to the pandemic.

Help us in supporting the Sumba Crisis Relief Fund through a donation, today. The top donor will receive a 5-night complimentary stay at Nihi Sumba and the second donor a 3-night stay. The first 10 donations of $1,000 will receive a complimentary 1-night stay. But, even a generous $20 donation can feed an entire family for one month. Donate here.

Support independent hotels

We believe in our industry. We are driven by the want to support independent hotels. Hotels are spaces where locals and tourists come together, where cultures and communities connect. These amazing properties are embedded in local communities, and we want to help these businesses move forward so they can keep their staff and continue to make an impact in the future.