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How does the process work?

You buy your Hotel Credits using credit card or Paypal/Venmo and receive a purchase confirmation email from us with a unique order number. Whenever you’re ready to spend your Credit, do so directly by calling/emailing the hotel and citing your name and order number. The Credit will be applied to your purchase.


How do I book a room with my Hotel Credit?

Simply call the hotel, and book direct over the phone. Direct bookings often come with special deals you don’t get booking via an online travel agent, so that’s another benefit.


What if the hotel closes before I redeem my Credit?

Porter & Sail will provide a full refund in the event that the hotel has closed prior to redeeming the Credit before its expiration date. So, there's no risk.


Can I use my Hotel Credit for something other than room nights?

Check with the hotel, but in most instances, you’ll find that you can use your Credit throughout the hotel—including the bar and restaurant. Bear in mind, some hotels don’t manage all of their on property facilities, so there may be some exclusions.


Can I buy more than one Hotel Credit for the same hotel?

You can buy as many as you wish.


Can I transfer my Hotel Credit?

Yes. But keep your reference number safe, because when it is used, it is used.


Is my Hotel Credit refundable?

Unfortunately, it is not refundable.


What If I don’t spend the entire Credit at once?

Please arrange directly with the hotel for not-fully-spent Credits. Each hotel has its own policy. For the sake of simplicity, we suggest you spend a Credit in one go.


Do Hotel Credits ever expire?

They might. Please check the terms and conditions of each offer. However, we'll never offer short-term expiration dates. We know flexibility is king at a time like this. You'll always have more than one year from the time of purchase to use your Credits. 


How did you select the hotels on the site?

Porter & Sail has been partnering with the world's finest independent hotels since 2015. We know what matters. We choose hotels that put their guests and their community first. They care about their employees and the impact on their local environment. With a hotel like that, you’re not only setting yourself up for the stay of a lifetime, but also making positive impact and great memories.


Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden other costs. And Porter & Sail is deferring commission, so as much money as possible can go to these independent hotels now.


Hotel Credits seems very interesting, but can I trust this?

Porter & Sail has been working with independent hotels for five years. We have a contract with each and all of the hotels we offer. We stand by them. These hotels need your help and as we pass on your funds to them, they guarantee that they will honor their offers. But in the rare event that they don’t, please contact us, tell us what’s happening for a full refund.


If I represent a Hotel, how do I sell Credits on the site?

Drop us a line at, and we'll be more than happy to get in touch with you.