Porter & Sail and the Hospitality Hit

Porter & Sail is a global team of tastemakers and technologists working to improve hospitality. Since our launch in 2015 with a mobile app exclusively for guests of brilliant hotels around the world, we’ve put mission-driven, independent hotels at the center of our work.

Today, this philosophy continues to guide our thinking as hospitality faces an unprecedented downturn. It is precisely those cool, independent hotels that are feeling the brunt. We want to help.

That’s why we’ve created something brand new: An online Hotel Credit store for hotel lovers. A Hotel Credit—like a gift card—is redeemable in the future, no small print.

We can all agree that travel and hotel stays will come back at some point, although none of us know when. These credits are sold at a deep discount to get money in the door for hotels. (All proceeds go to the hotels to keep staff employed—Porter & Sail is not taking any fees).

For travelers, it means the biggest opportunity ever to get that dream stay, in the near future.

Until things get back to normal, let’s keep dreaming and planning, let's keep supporting hotels!