Porter & Sail and the Future of Travel

Porter & Sail was launched in NYC in 2015 by a team of technologists and creatives to more meaningfully connect hotels with their guests. As the 2020 pandemic hit and hotels shuttered, we threw our support behind independent hotels and leaned into the mood-lifting power of travel. Hotel Credits was then launched as a way to celebrate -- and bank -- that future trip, reveling in the serotonin hit of knowing we will travel again.

A Hotel Credit — like a gift card — is redeemable in the future. We know that travel will come back at some point, and if like us, you can’t wait to travel tomorrow, Hotel Credits are an opportunity to bank that dream stay later.

We have a vision that when we travel again, that travel will be accessible, sustainable, flexible, responsible and meaningful. We believe in the power of independent hotels to drive local economies and we will create opportunities for travel that engineer positive impacts for communities and our place in the world. 

With Hotel Credits, we can all dream of when we #TravelTomorrow.

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